Perfect Pitch Test and Practice Modes

Since the very beginning our Perfect Pitch Trainer had two modes: test and practice. Let’s talk about these two.


The perfect pitch practice mode just generates random single, double or triple notes for you to identify. It doesn’t keep track of the number of questions or correct answers.

In this mode you will see an option “Show notes right away”. If activated, you will see the notes on the virtual keyboard at the same time when you hear them. And it’s a good way to practice. This way your brain will connect visual and auditory information coming to you and will create what scientists call synesthesia. In other words, it will connect what you see and what you hear.

The above can be compared to language learning – when you listen to a recording of a native speaker talking and you see the transcript of what he or she is saying at the same time.

Eventually you may want to turn off the option “Show notes right away” to make your pitch practice more challenging.


In perfect pitch test mode the program is tracking the number of questions, including the number of correct answers. Obviously, during the test you are not able to see on the virtual keyboard which notes were played.

This mode can be somewhat more stressful for some people. So please don’t forget about the importance of mental state during your pitch practice. Remaining relaxed and comfortable is crucial and will guarantee you a quick progress.