Scoreboard in Perfect Pitch Trainer receives an update

We updated the scoreboard which displays your score when you practice with our Perfect Pitch Trainer with the activity “Test”.

First, me made it bigger.

Next, now the highest score during the current session is stored in the memory. It can be displayed if you go to your account, click on “Customize my experience” and then select “Show the highest score during the current session”.

Now, for example, if you recognize 30 notes in a row correctly but then make a mistake, there will be a window that says “Today’s highest score: 30”. Note that if you change the settings in the perfect pitch trainer this value is reset to 0, since you will be doing another ear training exercise.

And another update. In the past each time you reached 20 correct answers in a row, there was a congratulations window. Now you can either turn it off or adjust the number of correct answers in a row that will trigger it: 10, 20, or 30. Again, to adjust this setting, go to “My Account”, “Customize my experience”.