Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add another instrument?

We will be happy to add another virtual instrument to our collection. Contact us and let us know what you need.

If the instrument is available in SoundFont format (sf2) and the license allows commercial use, then it would be very easy to do.

I want to use the virtual instruments from your website on my computer!

We have a great news for you. With some exceptions, most of our virtual instruments are available for free. You can download and use them on your PC or Mac.

Here's the list of sound libraries that we used on our website:

Your system thinks I am robot. What should I do?

For security reasons we use an algorithm that detects bots on our website.

Occasionally the system may decide that you are a bot and block your access to some pages on our website. In this case you will see the instructions on how to remove this block manually.

To reduce the chance of being blocked, please:

  1. Do not use incognito mode in your browser.
  2. Do not clear your browser cookies.
  3. Do not use VPN.